A nesting tag viewer for macOS

Requires macOS 10.12+

Tags are a very useful file organization feature in macOS. A file can only ever live in one folder at a time, but a file can have multiple tags at the same time, and so can live in multiple "places" at once. For example, you might want to tag the same photo as both Vacations/Hawaii and Environments/Beach.

Unfortunately Finder's tagging interface is limited and awkward to use. Tagception lets tags in macOS live up to their full potential with easy drag-and-drop of files into tags, nesting of tags to any depth, and a grid view optimized for images.


The sidebar on the left has three sections:

The grid view on the right shows all files related to whatever is currently selected in the left sidebar. If a folder is selected it will show all files in that folder, and if a tag is selected it will show all files with that tag.

Simple Usage

Click in the sidebar to select a folder or a tag, then click on a file in the grid view to select a file. A selected file can be previewed quickly by pressing spacebar which opens a QuickLook preview for that file. Double-clicking on a file jumps to macOS Finder and selects that file to help you locate it.

Drag one or more files to a tag to add that tag to those files. You can select multiple individual files with command-click and a range of files with shift-click. You can also drag-and-drop files from other applications (such as macOS Finder) into Tagception to tag them.

You can remove a file by selecting it and pressing the delete key. If you have a tag open then it will remove that tag from the file, and if you have a folder open then it will move the file to the trash. Tagception supports undo/redo for all operations so you can undo the delete with ⌘Z if it was unintentional.

Advanced Usage

Here are some more advanced behaviors that you may find interesting:

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