Figma is a interface design tool. It's most often used by teams of software professionals to communicate about and iterate on their user interfaces. For example, if you are creating a mobile app you might use Figma to illustrate how the app should look and to prototype how the app should behave.

I cofounded Figma in 2012 with Dylan Field and worked on Figma as CTO for the better part of a decade, leaving in 2021. When we started the interface design industry was largely using Sketch, having just transitioned away from Adobe's suite of creative tools. But by the time I left, Figma had become the dominant interface design tool in the industry and had permanently changed how the industry thought about interface design tooling.


My work on Figma was primarily focused on the areas listed below. Keep in mind that everything I did at Figma was a collaboration between many people and was later built upon, extended, and/or overhauled. Figma has an amazing engineering team and they deserve the credit for what Figma has become today, which is due to their sustained effort over many years.

Blog Posts

Below are all of the blog posts that I wrote for Figma's company blog regarding the technology I worked on while at Figma. They are preserved here in case the company blog is ever overhauled in the future: